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Subject: WH travel pool report #4 port tour

Obama, Jindal, Mitch Landrieu and Richmond were joined by Foxx and
others (see below) for a brief look at the port
They walked around the wharf under two large gantry cranes and amid a
line of shipping containers that blocked a view of the river
They managed to stay well out of the hearing range of the pool as they chatted
They got back into the motorcade for a 60 second or so ride to the speech site
It begins soon and is open press

A small group of protestors held signs at the entrance to the port, w
anti-Keystone sentiments, including “Obama Stop KXL”
Also on the tour, per the WH:
Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation
– Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana
– Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans
– Representative Cedric Richmond
– Gary LaGrange, President and CEO of the Port of New Orleans
– Keith Palmisano, General Manager, Ports America
– Chris Hammond, Longshoreman

Lesley Clark
White House Correspondent
McClatchy Newspapers