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Subject: Travel pool report #4 - arrival ceremony

POTUS came down the stairs with Malia, followed by FLOTUS and Sasha
and Marian and Leslie Robinson. The weather is hot, about 87 degrees
with light fluffy blue clouds against a brilliant blue sky.

POTUS was greeted on the Tarmac by a small group of officials (see
below) and a large marching band with people dancing in colorful
native clothing.

The military band from Tanzania people defense force was lined up in
front of AF1 wearing red and black uniforms. POTUS Was led to a
reviewing stand in front of the band and listened to the us national
anthem, punctuated by cannon bursts from cannons placed in a nearby
field (and firing in the opposite direction of the president). That
was followed by the playing of the Tanzanian national anthem. (With
more cannon fire)

There are two flags flying on poles next to the reviewing stand --
American and what I was told is likely the flag of the Tanzanian

POTUS was then led past the front row of the marching band to inspect
them in a kind of military fashion and then was led back to the
reviewing stand.

Then they played the national anthem again. POTUS had his hand over
his heart both times.

A yellow banner with POTUS picture on it was hung on the small airport
terminal building. It said "president obama welcome to Tanzania"
written in Swahili.

The band then marched down the Tarmac a bit and marched away playing a
song that your pooler didn't recognize. There was much cheering from a
crowd in the stands behind POTUS.

POTUS then came off the reviewing stand and approached the crowd in
the stands, working the rope line with President Jakaya Kikwete. They
were greeted with more cheers. Some of the women were wearing "khanga
skirts," which according to the US embassy are used on special
occasions. These were specially made for today and are blue, with a
picture of POTUS's face on them.

POTUS then headed to the limo at about 3:14 pm local time and we are
heading to the bilat. Your pooler did not actually see POTUS get into
the car.

From WH:

Greeters at Airport Arrival Ceremony:

Alfonso E. Lenhardt, U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania
Jacqueline Lenhardt

Tazmina Minja, Flower Girl (age 9)
Joseph Masasi, Flower Boy (age 6)
President Jakaya Kikwete
First Lady Salma Kikwete

Michael D. Shear
White House Correspondent
The New York Times