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Subject: POTUS pool #2

The motorcade arrived at 11:34am at the Burrville Elementary School in NE DC. The Frst Family is participating in a service event Coordinated by City Year. WH estimates there will also be about 500 volunteers here, completing a school makeover.

We can't see anything yet -- press still in a stairwell -- but I can smell paint. Someone just told us the railing were just painted in the last hour.

Ride over pretty uneventful. A family outside the Reedeming Love Christian Center and a few people outside the Sargent Memorial Presbyterian Church, both on Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave in NE, stopped to wave. So did a few families outside their homes on the same street (churches and houses btw 4500 and 5400 blocks).

The school is in the 800 block of Division Avenue in NE, according to its website.