Who had a dinner with President Obama in his Los Angeles hotel room? click to find out

White House

Subject: Travel pool report #3


Aug. 7, 2013

Los Angeles


Uneventful motorcade from hotel to landing zone starting at 10:36 p.m.

Many spectators along the way, waving and snapping photos.


Helicopter lifting off at 11 am for 50-minute ride to Camp Pendleton,

where POTUS will speak to troops.


Press secretary Jay Carney provides more information on POTUS dinner

with Jeffrey Katzenberg. The two dined in POTUS’s hotel room. POTUS



Here is another report:

Subject: Travel pool report #2


Aug. 7, 2013

Los Angeles


Press Secretary Jay Carney tells pool that POTUS had dinner with “his longtime friend, Jeffrey Katzenberg,” the CEO of DreamWorks, last night in Los Angeles.


The two dined alone at POTUS’s hotel, the Hilton Woodland Hills.


Carney did not answer questions about where in the hotel the dinner was held or who paid.


The White House did not release information about POTUS’s plans last night despite questions from pool.


Anita Kumar

White House Correspondent