Who is seated with the First Lady

Subject: Pool report #4 — Seating chart of FLOTUS’ guests


Here’s a breakdown of who’s sitting where in the First Lady’s box at SOTU:


First Row (left to right): Sgt. Sheena Adams, Nathaniel Pendleton, Cleopatra Pendleton, FLOTUS, Menchu Sanchez, Dr. Biden, Kaitlin Roig, Alan Aleman, Bobak Ferdowsi, Abby Schanfield


Second Row (left to right): Governor Kitzhaber, Deb Carey, Tim Cook, Amanda McMillan, Lt. Brian Murphy, Marie Lopez Rogers, Bradley Henning, USSS Agent, USSS Agent, Susan Bumgarner


Third Row (left to right): Tracey Hepner, Haile Thomas, Lee Maxwell, Sgt. Carlos Evans, Valerie Jarrett, Jack Andraka, Pete Hudson


Fourth Row (left to right): Desiline Victor, Lisa Richards